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The decision to buy a new door can be looked at as an investment. According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value report released by Remodeling Magazine, installing a new garage door ranks as one of the top home improvement projects based on return on investment when a home is sold. An upscale garage door ranks at number 2 with a recoup of 85% and installation of a midrange door has a recoup value of 76.9%.

Why We Use Amarr Garage Doors
  • Built to last. All Amarr Garage Doors are constructed to high quality standards. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance steel door or authentic wood carriage house door, you can rest assured that no other garage door in the market compares.

  • Amarr Steel Doors are built with high quality components and heavy duty steel.

  • Amarr doors are designed with safety in mind and employ the Amarr patented Safe Guard system. This patented 4 point safety system includes a pinchless joint seam designed to stop fingers from becoming caught in the garage door. Along with Amarr's quality design of components you can rest assured that safety is top priority in an Amarr constructed door. 

  • Amarr Doors are manufactured in the United Sates with American made components.

  • Designs, colors, and styles to meet all needs and budgets.

  • Amarr Doors are a surprisingly affordable price.                                                                                                          

We offer a wide variety of Amarr Doors, from economy to custom, to fit any budget. Choose from 1000 single-layer steel, 2000 double-layer, steel plus insulation, or 3000 triple-layer, steel plus insulation plus steel, construction for your desired level of energy efficiency and noise control. 



All of the doors we sell are wind loaded to withstand winds from to 120 to 199 MPH depending on your proximity to the beach. This is very important in a hurricane zone. Many roofs are lost due to wind entering through a compromised garage door. For your safety we strictly adhere to Duval County hurricane code enforcement. We do not sell doors that are not wind loaded.


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